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Noční modlitba psychedelických experimentátorů

Posted in Senšibankó, něco do uší on 31 Březen, 2008 by pan Psax

Suishou no Fune- Prayer for Chibi

Suišó no Fune - Modlitba za Čibu

Label: Holy Mountain
Released: 2008
Style: Psychedelic, Experimental

Massive new double CD set from this powerhouse Japanese underground duo whose fully obliterated guitar psych moves have illuminated the post-PSF scene. Celý příspěvek


Koncert pro spící posluchače

Posted in Senšibankó, něco do uší on 26 Březen, 2008 by pan Psax

The Sleep Concert – an introduction
by Robert Rich

The following is an adaptation of my brief talk at the beginning of a live Sleep Concert, intended to help the audience get more out of the experience.

The term „Sleep Concert“ can be a bit misleading, as it implies that this music is intended to help you sleep deeply. On the contrary, the music and the concert environment should combine to create a more activated sleep. You may find that your sleep tonight may actually be quite interrupted. Celý příspěvek

Spánek bez útěchy

Posted in Senšibankó, něco do uší on 25 Březen, 2008 by pan Psax

Aarktica – No Solace In Sleep [2000]

No Solace

1 Glacia (13:34)
2 Indie (6:48)
Celý příspěvek